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. >> there are some things that are too personal and you don't want to know. >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: the fcc acknowledges that most passengers oppose phone calls and even the chairman says, "i feel that way myself." on the white house website, 2500 people have signed a petition to stop the fcc. delta polled its passengers and found 2/3 said no to phone calls. >> if people are talking loud it may be disruptive. >> reporter: and flight attendants are adamantly opposed. >> i can see it now with a dozen people, can you hear me now? can you hear me now? none of us want to experience that on a plane. >> reporter: why such a negative reaction? researchers found when you are stuck in an elevator or plane and listening to a one-sided conversation it steals your attention, making it difficult to get anything done. [ ringing ] >> reporter: this is just a proposal. even if approved, late next year, it will be up to the airlines to decide if you can make a cell call at 30,000 feet. [ ringing ] >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> all right. lots of you weighed in on this issue on
pueblo. nomÁs que el candidato Único es don mario n. cruz... [sopla] ¿cÓmo la ven? [♪] [♪] [♪] [♪] [♪] >>oiga, buenavista, quiero que me imprima tres mil boletas exactitas a esta. [lee] >>y para la presidencia municipal de chipitongo el alto, mario n. cruz. sÍ, don mario. >>¿me permiten una sugerencia patriÓtica? >>Échesela, lic. topillo. >>muchas gracias. yo propongo que en todas las boletas se incluya el retrato del Águila. >>¿el Águila del escudo nacional? >>no, no... al decir al Águila me referÍa yo al retrato de nuestro respetable jefe, don mario n. cruz. >>ah, no, no... eso serÍa demasiado vanidoso. ah, y como no estÉn para maÑana tempranito, cuando sea presidente municipal, le cierro el changarro ese. >>sÍ... don mario, si. >>pedro, pablo, acompÁÑenlo. >>no, no... ya... me sÉ el camino, ¿eh? con permiso... >>lic. topillo, vaya preparando un edicto donde se le advierta a la gente del pueblo que el que vuelva a decir que yo soy un cacique irÁ a la carcel por falta de respeto al presidente municipal elegido por aclamaciÓn totalitari
an alligator in illinois. >>> our second gator story starts with a warning. don't try this at home. >> why would you try this at home. next time you come face to face with a 12 foot alligator, don't feed it with your mouth. the guy pulling this stunt has experience with gators. as we said, don't try this at home ever even if you are a stunt man. >> i tried that stunt more or less with like french fries and stuff with my dog all the time. it's a great effect. he'd gently bite half of it and pull it away. he's not a gator. >> not an alligator. >> not good. >> not by any degree. >> coming up, when a word not suitable for television winds up on live television, find out who's the latest to drop the "f" bomb. >> the defiant mayor from toronto who admitted to smoking crack, is he any closer to giving up his office or admitting there's a problem. ♪ and i won't back down >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. g plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ m
in the philippines. >> we don't have homes. homes, we need shelter, food, light. >> the historic typhoon haiyan wipes communities off the map as relief slowly arrives. >>> speaking out. accused of harassment and suspended from the miami dolphins, richie incognito starts to tell his side of the story. >> the way jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and our teammates, how we communicate, it's vulgar. it's not right. >> reporter: now the question -- when will we hear from jonathan martin? >>> sky scraper dispute. which tower is america's tallest? the world trade center in new york or the willis tower in chicago? which city will get the bragging rights after a big decision. it is monday, november 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller an diana perez. >> good morning everyone. veterans's day. >> happy veteran's day to our veterans out there. let's get started once again. we begin with the latest challenges following the devastating storm in the philippines. the u.n. is sending supplies, but access was nearly impossible because the infrastructure is destroyed. >
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[ laughter ] >> don't worry. i'll carry this chat. here's the deal. she gets a perfect score. a lot of people don't get a perfect score, and she's the one going home. it doesn't make any sense. do you smell a conspiracy theory? >> after "showgirls" there was nowhere to go but down. so elizabeth will be all right. >> well, there was "show girls." >> how she won the oscar for that i'll never know. >>> today's date is super special. 11-12-13. for so many reasons. that is coming up in "the mix." >>> if you are craving noodles, especially at this hour, we have a treat for you. we are rolling out something tasty from the insomniac kitchen. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i'll always love noodles >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by delsym. kitchen. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i'll always love noodles >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by delsyum. pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tide pods. pop in. stand out. >>> a new report is raising red flags over pg-13 ra
is not such a big deal any way. >> don't mess with my hot sauce, man. you know what i mean? >> sriracha is everything. >> it is tough stuff. >> after living in the south, i put hot sauce on everything. >> you get a little sriracha in your finger and scratch your eye. >> you are blind for life. you are done. one-eyed willie. you're done, man. [ laughter ] >> that's not cool. >> oh, man. >>> some hearty souls have already had a special thanksgiving meal. the main course at a new orleans museum was turkey with all of the trimmings. get this, those trimmings include beetles, worms and crickets. oh, yeah. just like mom used to make. >> the menu included turkey with meal worm dressing, pumpkin pie with a crispy cricket topping and cranberry sauce with wax worms my favorite. some of the visitors opted for the bug-free entrees and others went back for second and third helpings. >> you can keep the bugs. >>> coming up, the holiday home video is good for a laugh on this turkey day morning. >>> and expert advice for turkey cooks up a this hour. butterball is coming to the rescue and so are we. you
hours? kelly: oh my gosh, i think i was there -- i don't know what time i got home. late. my kids were still up though. i was like it's one of those things where you're like why are you guys out of bed? oh, we wanted to wait for you to tuck us in. like great. [laughter] wonderful. i'm not hungry or anything, come on. let's do bedtime stories. michael: what you got going on over there? kelly: i'm obsessed with bear love. i don't know if y'all are, i am. i love when bears mate, i love when baby bears are born. [laughter] rnates anything that hibe then wakes up. michael: the mating part has what got me. kelly: they found this new bear, they say this bear is a real cougar because spangeles is a 23-year-old bear at the queen zoo and she's getting a french old. who is only 2 years yeah. so, basically she's robbing the cradle. [laughter] michael: my question -- kelly: this is not frowned upon in the bear world. there's nothing wrong with a 23-year-old dating a 2-year-old in bear land. michael: are they the only bears in? you don't have a choice. kelly: they're replacing her old lover, her new
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mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. what do you suppose he thought it was? oh, there he goes. very nice. these pictures are amazing. >> look at that all day long. >>> coming up, some of the most unusual holiday foods on the menu. >>> and "dancing with the stars," the big winner and runner up and an unforgettable night. you are watching "world news now." ♪ yes it's my last chance for romance tonight ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical. ♪ >>> it's the moment that fans of "dancing with the stars" have been waiting for. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. >> we can now reveal the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- amber and derek! >> that's right. actress amber riley from "glee" and dancer derek hough took home
by this point it is my sixth time. i don't get nervous anymore. >> reporter: anna cane is a freelance writer who said she made $60,000 as a donor. >> reporter: so as far as you're concerned, there's no reason not to do this. >> no. >> good. you are ready? >> yes. >> reporter: today is egg-retrieval day. the culmination of weeks of hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries to produce more eggs than normal. dr. joel batfin is her doctor. is egg donation essentially risk-free as far as you're concerned? >> nothing is risk free. there is anesthesia and procedure but the right answer is yes, it is risk-free. >> reporter: there is a rare condition found in less than 1% of patients ovarian hype -- hypertension syndrome. emma smith, not his patient, was so sick with it she spent six days in the hospital and shot this video diary. >> i feel that they should have gone out of their way to make me a bit more aware of any possible side effects in the actual process and everything like that. >> reporter: dr. jennifer schneider worries there is no national egg donor registry to track what happens to this exp
: finally she comes out. >> turn around and face your vehicle. >> please don't. >> ma'am, listen to me -- >> reporter: but farrell tries to get in the car again. her five children in the car. her 14-year-old son comes out and scuffles with the officer. you can hear the other children screaming. the boy rushing back in as police backup arrives. >> open the door! open the door! >> reporter: the officer smashes the rear side window with the baton. farrell drives away a second time while another officer fires three shots at the minivan. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: finally farrell gives up in front of a hotel. she and her son are arrested. she faces charges including child abuse, fleeing from authorities and possession of drug paraphernalia. her son is charged with battery of an officer. new mexico state police say all three officers in the video are being investigated. abc news tried to reach out to farrell and her lawyer. her attorney says they have no comment. farrell is out on bond. aditi roy, abc news. >> i don't know where to start. >> this is such a difficult -- you want to say what yo
against wearing a speed doe? >> i don't think so. >> it's a bathing suit, right? the fact that they were told to put their pants back on, i can't imagine what the law is. indecent exposure? he's got a great body. it's not indecent if you ask me. >> did they do a boinger? >> yes, they did. i'm not going to comment on this one. >> how about that. >> coming up, who in their right mind would do a bungie jump with no safety harness? we're going to show you who in the mix. >> an uproar of biblical proportions at costco. what a minister found when he went shopping for a bible there. you're watching "world news now." knotts ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> this week marks the 50th assassination of president jfk jchk and one of the most memorable images is the president an first lady stepping off of the plane in dallas. >> it is stored in a museum in dayton, ohio. >> reporter: president kennedy and the first lady
francisco stays alive in the nfc wild card chase and they win it 27-6. >>> finally something you don't see every day. it was caught in the atlantic ocean off of miami beach over the weekend. >> it is called a hook skate. wow. look at the size of that thing. it was caught by a charter fisherman that goes by mark the shark. he tagged it and released it back in the water. they usually live at the bottom of the ocean at depths of 1,000 feet. >> glad he let it go. the picture says it all, right. >> you have to wonder if it is that close to the surface it is probably sick. >> unless he was somehow way down there with the bait. i catch skates off the jersey shore. they are almost like rays. but the ones i catch are like this big. you are not happy when you catch one because you are going for bass. >> so you can eat. >> and eat all of your clams. getting a skate is not a good thing. but that one might be fun, though. >> what do you do with it? you can't eat it. >> i think you can eat skate but i'm not going to. >> can you stuff it and put it on the wall? >> the giant one or the little ones i catch
have some fun. not that football isn't fun. >> i don't think he had much fun watching that game. >> no. hard to be a jets fan. >> yeah, it is. the strategy behind the huge discounts before friday. we will be in the buying mood. >>> ahead, making a visual statement to protect a 6-year-old from bullies. this is kind of school camaraderie you have to see. >>> speaking of individual statements, what was miley cyrus thinking last night when she took the stage and performed in front of the image of the giant cat on and on and on. you are watching "world news now." we'll tell you. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by comfort medical. ♪ piem going to pop some tags only got $20 in my pocket ♪ >> getting ready to pop some tags, looking for more than grandpa style. there are good deals to be had. >> the holiday shopping season kicks in to high gear today but this year could be different than in years past. why shoppers may not storm the doors on black friday. >> this year, the competition is cut throat. facing fewer days for holiday buying and lower consumer confidence
of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ there were 57 channels and nothing on ♪ 57 channels that has to be an old song. >> yeah, right. a ga zilen channels and nothing on. >> john, we are going to get you know you better. how many televisions do you have in your home? >> four but i only use three. one is in the attic sgluf a giant house. >> it is an old tv. i put one on my screened in porch for the summertime. it is covered up for the winter. i sit there and watch the baseball games at night time. the crickets are chirping. >> two. but we have a teeny house. so that's all we can fit. the average american family has three television. >> i'm perfectly average. rats. that makes tvs a big holiday pipe how can you get the best deal? paula faris shows us. >> reporter: it's the most wonderful time of the year but this holiday season it is an all-out war for your business. as retailers offer their most competitive prices on electronics in years. >> it's like a civil war for electronics. it is bloody, brutal and there are going to be a lot of c
and brothers who he's not seen in 19 years. >> this is another family i don't know. >> reporter: a family who says they have been looking for the 36-year-old homeless man for ten years, but were not able to find him until recent news coverage was posted to a facebook page. hartman made national news after he returned a stolen wallet to the omni hotel and was rewarded. >> >> reporter: we talked about pictures from his childhood and the family he barely knows. >> >> you are a human being. you are family. >> that was apparent as the three arrived from indiana. hugs exchanged. >> awesome. really awesome. >> deanna told us t father clark hartman passed away 19 years to the day when she saw news coverage of joel and contacted the omni. >> here i am in atlanta for thanksgiving two days later. >> reporter: joel and his brothers hope to spend time together in indiana catching up. >> i'd really like to invite joel back home. we have a spare room. >> any way it goes i know we will be in contact now. >> i have a lot of people pulling for me. i don't want to let anyone down. really don't. >> so that is on
there spots an old friend. >> i don't know if you saw that, but she just came right up to my lap, incredible. >> the others are also curious. >> they keep nibbling at the camera. >> reporter: in one case, gobbling the camera i'm holding. the white camera reminds them of fish so they try to taste. >> see how you don't realize there are a bunch of other sharks here now? >> reporter: actually, i have because they keep trying to eat the camera. now it is my turn to show emma some love. i reach out my hand, scratch, as emma glides slowly away, back to abernathy. her favorite human pal. matt gutman, abc news, bahamas. >> that would have to qualify right there maybe as the coolest stand-up close ever. matt gutman, abc news. hats off to him. >> nope. >> would you rather bungee jump or swim with the sharks. >> those are my two options? >> those are the options. not good. >> i would bungee jump. >> i would go with the sharks. >> would you really? >> yeah. the problem -- okay, here's the thing, bungee jumping if i'm well restrained, i know i'll survive. with sharks there's no way of knowing. >> that's
of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ >>> "mix time" everybody. we talk about everything under the sun in the mix. we talk about legos many times. especially how they are popular with adults. there's adult legos out there. people just love it. lego has a movie coming on the big screen. early 2014. the trailer is out. the lego movie, behold. let's listen. two, three -- >> some high-priced coffee. >> $37. >> that's awesome. >> i love this -- ♪ >> it looks awesome. looks like something. >> yeah. >> due out early 2014 and from the guys behind "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" and "21 jump street." it's got real people behind it. this will probably be a pretty darn good movie. >> surprised it took this long. >> looks cool, doesn't it? >> looks like a movie from my childhood. reminds me of "gumby." right? >> everything stop action. >> cool. >>> now here's something that i fell in love with over the weekend. this is a sportscaster in boise, idaho, who decided that he wanted to be ron burgundy on his sportscast, during his sportscast. and the man nev
to be something that helps them, and then you hear this. and you don't want to say you have to regulate everything out there but you want to have research at hand. >> a lot more has to be done for sure. >>> coming up, the resignation e-mail that redefines burning a bridge. we'll be right back. resignation e-mail that redefines burning a bridge. we'll be right back. >>> oh, time. >>> time. sorry, guys. welcome to "the mix." just taking a selfie. >> what else would you do these days? >> check it out. it is popular. according to oxford they have nominated the word selfy as the 2003 -- oh, my gosh. >> you wish. >> 2013 word of the year. it doesn't necessarily mean the word came in to existence this year. see how cute we are? >> nice selfy. >> what were you going for, pouty. >> duck, peace sign. isn't that the popular one? look at you trying to be reinventive. that's the thing people do with selfies, on. -- john. >> i'm not cool. >> selfy is a photograph that one has taken of one's self typically with a smartphone or web cam. you will see that on our twitter feed or instagram shortly. >> there you go.
for sleeping. get up when you can't sleep and don't try to force it. >> do you see this revolutionizing the way we treat depression? >> if we treat insomnia patients as part of the depression, we will see better outcomes overall. >> reporter: they claim a 40% decrease in depression symptoms. if the solution has been there in front of us the whole time what does that say? >> sometimes the most obvious things are the things we don't see. >> reporter: this is not a cure for depression. but we are talking about significant improvement. john and diana? >> all right. paula, thank you. >> so much with this chronic sleep loss. there are studies that you gain weight if you get depressed. rough stuff. >> some of it is sleep loss and some of it is full-blown insomnia. there is a difference. according to the experts, to qualify for the diagnosis of insomnia, you need to have chronic sleep loss for a month. does that mean you are not sleeping at all? >> only two hours also a night. and if you can't sleep the whole night but the you sleep when the sun comes up, is that insomnia? >> hard to tell. >> i am goin
sent out a selfy. doctors found basal cell carcinoma on his nose and removed it. "please don't be foolish like me," he put on instagram." get yourself checked." the mark on his nose is cancer. he admitted he only checked with his doctor because his wife insisted. "deb said to get t-- the mark o my nose checked, boy, was she right." although it won't kill you it can be disfiguring, destroying tissue and bone. sunscreen is your best defense, summer and winter. listen to wolverine, get yourself checked and use sunscreen. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> listen to wolverine and wolverine's wife. in many cases that is what it takes to get the husband to go to the doctor. >> i had one and had it removed. you are supposed to go every year at least, especially someone like me. i haven't been there in five years. i think i will go and take wolverine's advice. >> you should go. >>> coming up, we continue to mark the 50th anniversary of the jfk assassination. >> this morning, we'll look at how musicians channelled their grief in to writing songs that touched the nation. >>> ah
thanksgiving feast told me i should invest in a better pair of reading glasses because they don't look so cool. >> the day you do will make it a trendy item. >> it will make it a trendy pair. >> like the black frames. >> rockin' the drugstore glasses. celebrity spending at thanksgiving. they went on instagram and posted pictures. oprah on instagram. check her out. you were invited to that party. >> that's where i was before i came here. >> happy thanksgiving. getting dinner ready. three houshs until dinner -- >> i'm taking the picture. >> jalapeno corn fritters. >> they were delicious, by the way. >> they were. tell oprah i'll have a seat next year, i'll come next year. >> that is the same espresso coffee maker i have at home. oprah and i are so much alike. >> especially in the bank account department. let's talk about josh duhamel on instagram. that's an interesting one. what to be thankful for -- a great "my pants don't fit" day. nick cannon on instagram, put up the picture. preparing for thanksgiving. >> adorable kids. >> lindsay lohan. >> yea, the own, the chew, work, cook. looking pretty.
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? >> you don't. it's unacceptable. it's something that i'll never get over. >> reporter: rice insists he's changed for the better since the scandal broke in new jersey six months ago. >> there you see him with his wife and his wife during this interview said it has been devastating for their entire family. >> absolutely. his reputation and they have to pay the bills and this is a high-paying job he had. and i'm sure that's -- yeah. got to get a new career at this point. >> absolutely. and also what save it says about her husband and the environment he might be creating in his own home if this is the way he is treating kids under his belt. >> you hope he's changing. i think everybody deserves a second chance. everybody. >> absolutely. >> hopefully he has changed, and hopefully he gets a second chance and makes it right. >> you will see the full interview on "good morning america" and "20/20" by the way. >>> now we start with the redskins visiting the viegs. -- vikings. washington had a ten-point lead at halftime thanks to rg3. >> minnesota scoring the final 20 points and defense forcing g
comisarÍa. por favor. >>¿favor, don luisito? ¿no le parece que me apunte un 20 por el mandadito? luis: ¡¿20 centavos por caminar una calle?! >>bueno, bueno, que sean 15. >>¡oiga! ¿ha estado jugando a la charada? >>¡ya te fastidiÉ! [patada] [ladridos] >>oiga, ¿estÁ usted loco? >>¿por quÉ, seÑor? >>entonces, ¿por quÉ acariciÓ al perro y luego le dio una patada? >>para salvarlo. >>¿para salvarlo de quÉ? >>pues no sÉ. yo no puedo querer a nadie... ni siquiera a un perro, porque algo le sucede. >>¡ah, le gusta ser tango! >>no lo pise, por favor. [frenazo] [ladrido] ¡ya sucediÓ! niño: ¡mamÁ, mama! ¡un taxi matÓ al perrito! [llanto] >>¿ya lo ve? no fue el carro, fui yo... por acariciarlo. >>¡no sea ignorante, estamos en el siglo xx! y a eso se le llama "coincidencia". >>no, mi amigo... ciertamente la coincidencia puede existir, pero cuando la persistencia de una coincidencia es tan continua... entonces debemos pensar que hay fuerzas ultraterrenas que gobiernan el orden de los acontecimientos... como un Áncora los movimientos de un reloj. >>¿ya terminÓ su discurso? >>¡s
. no me importaba nada, noche trasoche pisteando. don david, el dueÑo, me decÍ a pÁrale, ya estuvo". no estÉ usted fregando, don david. david:ana, ya no le sirvan. mee: ana, sÍrveme otra. yo era muy chavalilla. bueno, ya te contÉ mi vida. ¿y tÚ quiÉn eres? yo sÉ que te sta cantar, ¿pero a quÉ le tiras? ¿de dÓnde eres? ¿eres de aquÍ? >>sÍ, soy de juÁrez, aunque naÍi en michoacÁn, pero me trajeron muy chiquito de allÁ, asÍ es que me considero de juÁrez. >>¿y con quiÉn vives? porque ya es muy tarde y yo te veo aquÍ y tranquilo. >>vivo con mi mamÁ. mi padre muriÓ allÁ. >>¿por quÉ se vinieron de michoacÁn? >>bueno, yo era muy chiquito, de meses, pero mis hermanos me han contado. mi padre era campesino y estaba muy enfermo de los nervios y una desgracia que le ocurriÓ un dÍa lo acabÓ de trastornar. una tarde, ayudado por mi hermano lupe, quentonces tenÍa 14 o 15 aÑos, se preparaba a quemar el pastizal para barbechar unas tierritas que tenÍa. [el padre cantaba] [♪] [♪] [galopan] [♪] [continúa narrando]Élno, no estoy loco, m'hijita. no estoy loc
, opino igual que don romero. el paro es ilegal. si nos mantenemos firmes, tienen que volver al trabajo. >>sÍ, seguro. >>pues, yo... si fallan 50, afuera tenemos 100 para sustituirlos. >>antÚnez, no sea ridÍculo, por favor. ¿50 aprendices? quiÉn los va a enseÑar? y si no entra nadie, ¿sustituimos a todo el mundo? ¿va a funcionar la fÁbrica al mismo nivel con aprendices? >>bueno, ¿y cuÁl es ¡la receta! de ustedes? >>bueno, yo creo que hay que darles lo que piden, por el momento. >>yo no estudiÉ en los estados unidos, pero llevo 20 aÑos aquÍ, conozco a mi gente, conozco a nÚÑez, pero no podemos pasar por alto lo que hizo. >>¿y quÉ quieres, romero? ¿vas a arriesgar la producciÓn por un loco? >>y si estÁ loco, que lo curen. >>eso, que lo curen. estÁ enfermo. >>bueno. ve y diles que aceptamos... la nueva mentalidad ejecutiva. >>sÍ, romero. lo mejor del capitalismo criollo. >>bueno, compaÑeros, el doctor antÚnez, en nombre de la empresa, les va a dirigir la palabra. comience, doctor. >>quiero aclarar los malentendidos que han provocado esta situaciÓn. primero, y ust
? >> vengo a traerte una mala nueva, don lÓpez. >> dila y lÁrgate. >> mataron a tu padre y a tus tÍos. >> ¿dÓnde? >> allÁ, en las afueras de san luis de la paz. >> ¿los garcÍa? >> no. fue un tal tranquilino. >> ¿estÁs seguro que no fueron los garcÍa? >> sÍ. si yo mismo vi cuando metieron en la cÁrcel al asesino. >> vÁlgame. >> le das el pÉsame a la leona. quiero decir a tu hermana. parecen fieras. >> ya. >> ¿los tres? >> reza por ellos. bajo a san luis. me llevo a matÍas. >> se van a atragantar los tuyos con carroÑa de garcÍa. >> josÉ luis garcÍa hernÁndez, originario de san luis de la paz, de 26 aÑos de edad, quiere contraer matrimonio con guadalupe smith garcÍa, originaria de san luis, misuri, hija de john smith y la finada josefina garcÍa Álvarez. Última amonestaciÓn, si alguien conoce algÚn impedimento, tiene la obligaciÓn de decirlo ahora o callar para siempre. >> abuela, ¿usted no creer que hay algÚn impedimento por parte de josÉ luis? >> no sÉ. pero si lo hubiera, le rompo este bastÓn en la cabeza a Él, al impedimento y a usted. >> ¿a mÍ? ¿po
que usted tiene. >>sin duda tendrÍa algo que yo no tengo. >>el don del placer barato. >>eso sÍ es rencor. >>no, es una simple verdad. >>¿quÉ hace usted en la vida, seÑor durÁn? >>cuento billetes en un banco. >>¿cuÁnto gana usted? >>¿eh? 1700 pesos mensuales. >>yo siempre pensÉ que el morirÍa despuÉs; que se gastarÍa 100 mil pesos en flores blancas para mi entierro. >>nadie sabe, ¿verdad? >>nadie. >>quizÁs, si mi esposa hubiera nacido rica, con un apellido, se hubiese casado con su esposo y habrÍan sido felices. quizÁs si usted hubiera nacido pobre, obrera, se habrÍa casado con... conmigo. >>¿y quÉ mÁs? >>y... no hubiÉramos tenido necesidad del televisor para matar el tiempo. >>¿y hubiÉsemos sido felices?, es curioso, nunca pensÉ que la felicidad pudiese ser una posibilidad para mÍ. >>todos nacimos para ser felices. >>pero pocos lo logran. >>muy pocos no son nadie, seÑora castelar. [♪] [♪] [♪] >>hoy tampoco bajarÁ a cenar. y tÚ no te quejas; aceptas asÍ como asÍ esta madre extraÑa que tienes. >>que tenemos. antes no era asÍ. >>sÍ, antes no era
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